• Image Processing Techniques
  • Mobile Computing
  • Theory of Computing
  • Cryptography
  • Soft Computing
  • Computational Biology
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Grid & Cloud Computing
  • VLSI Design & Verification
  • Embedded System
  • Process Modeling
  • High Performance Computing
  • Software Engineering
  • Music Information Technology
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
S.No Name of the Project - On going Name of the Funding agency
1 IoT Device for Rapid Quality Assessment    of Food Grains in Godown BIRAC -DBT
2 Investigation of Prediction Models and Privacy-aware User Interest Dynamics in Physical Activity Recommender System with Heterogeneous Data Sources DST
3 Hybrid Deep Learning for Indo-Russian Sign Language Recognition DST
4 Deep Neural Architecture for Multimodal and Multilingual Sign Language Translation and Recognition SERB
5 A hypergraph based computational model for high dimensional and large scale anomaly based threat detection in SCADA Systems  MeitY, India 
6 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Image Formation Using Ray Tracing Method DRDL Hyderabad
7 Design and Development of Decision-making Tool for Crop Selection in Precision Agriculture ICSSR
8 A Big Data Analytic Framework for Intrusion Detection in SCADA System DST
9 Representation Learning based Assistive Speech Tool for persons with Neurological Disorders DST
10 Development of Tool(s) for Enabling Binary Program Analysis MeitY, India 
11 Ultrasound based assessment of tissue biomechanics to enhance the clinical management of foot related pathologies  DST-UKIERI
12 Development of an efficient multi-server key agreement protocol based on Hyper Elliptic Curve Cryptography  DST-SERB 
S.No Name of the Project - Completed Project  Name of the Funding agency
1 An Intelligent User Specific Travel Recommender System for Point-of-Interest Recommendation using Social Network Analysis DST-SERB
2 Digital Scene Matching Area Correlation  DRDL
3 Optimal Path Detection between a pair of ground location  DRDO 
4 Development of Hardware Security Module Using MSP432P401R Microcontroller  ANURAG, DRDO, Hyderabad
5 National Mission Project on Education through ICT, Pedagogy Research Project - Operations Research  MHRD, India 
6 On-line sensor validation in nuclear facility using artificial neural networks  BRNS 
7 National Mission Project on Education through ICT, Pedagogy Research Project–Object Oriented Modeling and Design MHRD, India 
8 National Mission Project on Education through ICT, Pedagogy Research Project - Microprocessor  MHRD, India 


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